Chris Crock
Chris Crock, PhD

VP of Product Engineering

Dr. Chris Crock is VP of Product Engineering at TeraPore Technologies, Inc.  With deep practical and theoretical expertise in membrane-based separations and development, Dr. Crock directs the commercialization of TeraPore’s IsoBlock technology for biopharmaceutical applications. Dr. Crock received his Ph.D. and his M.S. from the department of Environmental Engineering at Michigan State University. At Michigan State University, Chris’s research focused on developing and scaling up catalytic membranes for transforming halogenated solvents and nitrogen containing compounds in drinking water to innocuous byproducts by fabricating and embedding catalytic nanomaterials into polymeric membranes. He was awarded MSU’s Engineering Distinguished Fellowship during his PhD and Outstanding Environmental Engineering during his M.S., and was awarded the Postdoctoral Research Diversity Fellowship from the American Society for Engineering Education upon joining TeraPore in 2016.