Biopharmaceutical Industry Veteran Marty Siwak joins TeraPore Technologies as Chief Commercial Officer

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., July 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- TeraPore Technologies, the developer of advanced nanofiltration membrane systems for bioprocess and other applications, today announced that Marty Siwak has joined the company as its first Chief Commercial Officer. In this new role, Marty will oversee the continued development and commercialization of TeraPore's proprietary block copolymer nanofiltration membrane technology.

"Marty's extensive background and experience in the biopharma space uniquely aligns with TeraPore's technology development and growth strategy, and we couldn't be more excited to have him join the company," said Rachel Dorin, PhD, Founder and Chief Executive Officer. "His work is widely recognized in key bioprocess technologies, such as viral filtration, where he has helped develop some of the current leading products in the industry."

Prior to joining TeraPore, Siwak was the Chief Technology Officer at JSR Life Sciences in Sunnyvale, CA, where his team focused on the purification steps in biological drug production. Previously, he held a variety of executive positions with Millipore Sigma. In his career, he has developed and commercialized innovative bioprocess purification technologies and has become a well-regarded thought leader on purification strategies in bioprocess.

TeraPore develops and manufactures filters with unprecedented performance through a proprietary and scalable block copolymer self-assembly technology. When fabricated into membranes, the polymers spontaneously form into highly uniform structures, creating precise holes (or pores) on the nanoscale. The benefits of these membranes include high permeability, allowing very high flow rates, and uniform pore sizes for highly precise nanofiltration. TeraPore's engineered membranes can also be produced at scale and at a range of different pore sizes - unique characteristics in the field of nanofiltration.

"I am grateful to have found this opportunity and to help move this versatile technology forward," said Siwak. "I was immediately drawn to the energy and talents of the TeraPore team, and my previous experience puts me in a great position to add to the outstanding progress already in motion."