TeraPore Technologies Unveils New Nanofiltration Membrane Technology at BioProcess International Conference

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Sept. 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --TeraPore Technologies today introduced its nanofiltration membrane technology for bioprocess at the 2018 BioProcess International Conference and Exhibition in Boston, MA.

This new nanofiltration technology has the potential to address key issues in the production of biological drugs, such as the clearance of viral particles and other contaminants. The key to the technology is the way TeraPore engineers polymers to self-assemble into highly uniform membrane structures. Leveraging proprietary block co-polymer technology, TeraPore produces membranes which are both more uniform in pore size, and also more permeable, than any nanofilter membrane ever used in bioprocess.

"The resulting devices that utilize TeraPore's membranes can achieve both precise selectivity and high throughput during filtration" said Dr. Rachel Dorin, Founder and CEO of TeraPore Technologies. "In bioprocess applications, TeraPore virus filters enable high flux, high capacity filtration with consistently undetectable virus levels. Existing market alternatives do not possess these unique characteristics."

"Based on our unique technology, TeraPore intends to systematically introduce a range of nanofiltration products for the bioprocess industry and for other applications," said Marty Siwak, TeraPore Chief Commercial Officer.

During the conference, TeraPore is sharing the results of external party evaluation of its membrane technology. This evaluation shows:

Nearly 1.5-2.0X higher capacity in both downstream virus filtration and in upstream protection of cell culture bioreactors. Product quality and cell culture output were not affected by TeraPore filtration.
A visual comparison of TeraPore's technology versus others is immediately apparent when comparing the magnified images of various bioprocess membranes. TeraPore is sharing such images at the conference.

At this week's BioProcess International Conference, Rachel Dorin, PhD, founder and CEO, and Marty Siwak, Chief Commercial Officer, will be participating in the Technology Innovation Forum on Thursday, September 6, 2018, 10:50am - 12:00pm. The company is also exhibiting at Stand # 844 in the Hynes Convention Center.