Our Technology


Technology Engineered to Address the Most Difficult Bioseparation Challenges

TeraPore stands apart through its precision bioseparation solutions that are technologically aligned with the complex bioprocessing requirements of today's biopharma sector.

The foundation of our innovative approach is our Intelligent Membrane platform that overcomes limitations in legacy bioseparation and virus filtration technologies, offering targeted and uniform nanofiltration capabilities that result in highly controllable, consistent purification processes. 


Tunable Structures

Unlike conventional filter technology, TeraPore’s Intelligent Membrane platform utilizes a tunable chemical structure and uniform pore size that is well-suited for the high-capacity, high-yield requirements of advanced therapeutics and biologics processes. 


Uniform Pore Sizes

At the core of the Intelligent Membrane platform is our proprietary IsoBlock membrane. We synthesize our block copolymer materials in-house, which enables us to fine tune the chemical and structural features of the IsoBlock membrane to fit unique drug manufacturing and bioprocessing applications. When fabricated into membranes, the block copolymers spontaneously form into highly uniform structures, creating precise pores on the nanoscale. 


High Speed, Unprecedented Performance

The self-assembled, uniformed pore structure of the IsoBlock membrane enables a high-flow rate of nanofiltration and precise nanofiltration for extreme bioseparation applications, including the production process of biologics where a key step is the separation of viral contaminants from the drug material. 


Scalable Manufacturing

TeraPore’s engineered membranes are manufactured at scale and at a range of different pore sizes – unique characteristics that are unprecedented in the field of nanofiltration.

Building a Smarter Membrane

Learn more about the science and innovation behind our proprietary Intelligent MembraneTM technology platform.




In addition to virus filtration, TeraPore’s Intelligent Membrane technology has potential applications in:

  • Emulsion Formation
  • UFDF
  • Retro-virus filtration 
  • In-line virus removal
  • Membrane chromatography
  • Chromatography bead formation
  • Monoclonal Antibody VF
  • Plasma-derived therapy VF
  • Upstream VF
  • Aggregate removal
  • Perfusion for continuous processing
  • Cell & Gene Therapy
  • Vaccines
  • Diagnostics (LFA)
  • Life Science R&D
  • DNA separation media
  • Blood filtration/dialysis