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TeraPore manufactures IsoBlock filters for virus filtration applications.

IsoBlock filters offer exceptional viral clearance with high filtration capacity during process development, clinical trials, and production scale manufacturing. Each single use filter is integrity tested to ensure reliable performance from syringe to production.

Process Development | Clinical & Production | Research

IsoBlock for Virus Filtration in Bioprocessing

Learn more about the science and innovation behind our proprietary Intelligent MembraneTM  technology platform.

Product Configurations




Process Development

Syringe filters for process development-scale
capacity and viral spiking studies.


IsoBlock Blue

IsoBlock Blue is our pre-filter that has the ability to remove trace aggregates and enhance the productiveness of your viral filtration. IsoBlock Blue is available for sampling now. 

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IsoBlock Red

IsoBlock Red is ideal for most clean, aggregate-free feed streams. Shown to process at 2X the speed of industry standard virus removing membranes, IsoBlock Red enables fast processing of relatively clean feed streams, reducing overall production time and minimizing bioburden. IsoBlock Red is available for sampling now.


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Clinical & Production

TeraPore is developing clinical IsoBlock cassettes at up to 0.2 m2 and process-scale IsoBlock cassettes at up to 1.5 m2 

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TeraPore offers discs and rolls of IsoBlock filtersfor R&D applications. Customer discs and rolls are available for sampling.

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